Digital Solutions Gallery

Thornton May

Date: February 22, 2024
Location: Virtual, via Zoom

"Strategy That PAYS"

Let’s clear up some confusion. “Strategy” is not just a course in business school. Nor is it simply a label that you stick on whatever you happen to be doing. “Strategy” is instead a hotly debated, well thought-out explicitly articulated set of actions and resources designed to deliver on a specific set of targeted results.

Sadly, many organizations are still sleep-walking into the future, being propelled by inertial forces versus true strategic intent. Within today’s volatile environment IT and the digital community need to be very intentional about where their resources and energies are going to be focused.

Come join acclaimed futurist and series co-founder, Thornton May, and a group of ahead-of-the-game thought leaders as they discuss how they are crafting and implementing Strategy That Pays!

Now in its 21st year, the “Digital Solutions Gallery™” is a nationally acclaimed ongoing forum where senior leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share experiences and insights, as well as collaboratively attack common issues. Throughout 2024, this six-session series is allowing participants to better appreciate not only what is coming, but also how its associated value might be captured.

There is no cost to invited senior leaders.  Sponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers. 

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