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Digital Solutions Gallery

Digital Solutions GalleryThe “Digital Solutions Gallery” Series


The current coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has affected us all.   The Ohio State University and its Digital Solutions Gallery™ series remain committed to the health and well-being of our entire community, and have now taken steps to reduce any potential virus-related risk to all parties affiliated with our programs.

Please note the dates for the program series sessions in 2021.

Futurists are VERY certain that very few historians will label 2020 as a “Great Year.” Pathologically, the-cloud-has-a-silver-lining, glass-is-always-half-full optimists are not incorrect in observing that 2020 could be interpreted as a “good year” for the IT and business digital leaders. "Good" in the sense that many organizations did step up in 2020 to successfully lead wholesale transitions to remote work/Work-From-Home [WFH], accelerate innovation and cut through organizational silos and bureaucracy to be more responsive to consumer needs.

Digital transformation has accelerated greatly, but vision has compressed too much towards the immediate short-term. To move beyond continuing to play the "COVID-Whack-a-Mole" response and become more proactive in defining a compelling and differentiating digital future for their customers and employees, digital leaders must plan a Gateway to 2025.
During 2021, the "Digital Solutions Gallery™" will examine what needs to be done to make sure 2025 is a “Great Year” and the road towards it is paved with meaningful progress and sustainable successes.  We will look at the future of strategy and strategy-making, healthcare, energy/power, security/privacy, work, technology and leadership.

As always, participants will engage with noted thought-leaders and successful peer executives to gain a better appreciation of not only what is coming, but also just how its value might be captured and applied. 
These programs will be a mix of recurring one-hour virtual events that were so impactful in 2020, showcasing top thought-leaders addressing issues and strategies now affecting us all (the “Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote Series”), combined as conditions allow with our regular in-person “Digital Solutions Gallery™” sessions (which will now become "hybrid" sessions with a virtual simulcast) for which this program has become widely known.

Please plan to join us in both settings as this widely acclaimed unique and distinctive forum where senior leaders of all types come together to collectively learn from noted thought leaders, share their related experiences and insights, as well as collaboratively work together to attack common issues within this crucial agenda.

About the Digital Solutions Gallery

This nationally recognized program, intended for primary executives and senior leaders in the technology and operations communities, is unmatched. Uniquely organized around peer learning, the audience and content are both carefully "curated" to ensure a unique, content-rich, and thought-provoking exchange that is well-respected in the senior leader community.

Co-founded by the internationally acclaimed IT futurist, Thornton May, the Digital Solutions Gallery is a unique invitation-only program open to practicing Digital executives and other senior leaders responsible for delivering value-centric Digital-enabled results to their corporations in this fast-paced world of ongoing economic, social and technological change. 

Regularly joining Thornton in leading all our program sessions will be our ongoing series co-producers, Bruce Barnes and Dave Cherry.

Technology product/service providers to this intended executive audience are also welcome to actively participate and share their thought leadership through committed program sponsorships.