Learn About Online Classes


All students enrolled in the MEM & MGEL programs take their courses via distance learning. These courses are delivered to MEM & MGEL students asynchronously – meaning they do not have to attend online classes at a specific time. Students can study and view lectures when it’s convenient for them. However, these courses are offered in sync with an on-campus offering, therefore the coursework will follow the university academic calendar and semester schedule for beginning and completion dates.

The online courses are as rigorous as the in-person counterparts. Weekly assignments, readings, discussions, and other activities as well as exams are the same. Online students interact with people from different backgrounds and situations, affording each person with opportunities to experience many perspectives and concepts throughout their studies. Using discussion boards, CarmenConnect, email, and more, students can stay connected with fellow students and faculty, building personal networks along the way.

The Ohio State University is authorized to offer the MEM & MGEL degrees in all 50 states. For more information on state authorization requirements and disclosures related to online programs, please visit online.osu.edu/state-authorization/disclosures.

The courses in the MEM & MGEL programs are developed by faculty and instructional designers from the Ohio State Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODTI), who understand the specific needs of learners in an online environment. All courses meet the Quality Matters standards for design based on recognized best practices. This format enables faculty to increase student engagement, learning, and satisfaction through better course design. These online courses operate just like in-person classes with a syllabus that provides an overview of the course assignments, grading strategy, student and faculty expectations, and course materials, as well as an understanding of the course goals and learning outcomes.

We also want students to stay connected with Ohio State and the College of Engineering communities by keeping them up to date with events, important dates, and other activities occurring at the university. Even though students may not be physically present on the campus, we want them to feel as though they are and also make it possible for them to interact with us – just like the others students attending in person. Graduates of the program will be part of the Ohio State and College of Engineering alumni associations where they can network and take advantage of life-long connections.

Carmen – the Ohio State Learning Management System


The learning management system for online courses at Ohio State is called Carmen. It is a web-based system accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, and students do not have to download software. MEM & MGEL courses within Carmen serves as a student service center where various program information and resources for enrolled students is located. Additionally, each course in the program has an associated course within Carmen where students access lectures, course materials, use discussion boards, upload assignments and much more. Information on how to use Carmen is made available upon enrollment to the program so students have plenty of time to become familiar with this system.

See how OSU offers online courses with a demonstration by clicking on this link. 



Some of the courses in the program may include proctored exams. These courses have a built-in test proctoring system right in Carmen or instructions will be provided on how to use a proctoring service.

Online Orientation

Our orientation eases students into the world of online learning, tells them what to expect, gives an overview of some of the tools and technologies used, allows students to meet some of the faculty as well as connect with fellow students. We provide all the information and training necessary for a successful start. The orientation materials, videos and all other information are available online through Carmen after students are admitted.


Student Support

MEM students are supported by staff who understand the complexities of balancing work and life while learning online. We understand that choosing an online education offers students flexibility and convenience. Our university IT department provides a 24/7 technical support to help students complete their work when it's most convenient. Program administration and faculty are available by email, phone, and CarmenZoom meetings as well to provide support and answers.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware: PC compatible with dual core processor, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended), 30 GB of free hard disk space, broadband internet connection, DVD-ROM drive, graphic card capable of 1024x768 in 32 bit color, 17 inch or larger monitor recommended.

Webcam for video conferencing and possibly proctored exams.

Software: Windows Vista or higher with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Windows Media Player 10 or higher.

All students need to have working knowledge of computers and they must follow OSU policies and guidelines and Netiquette.  More information is available at the following web sites:

OSU policies and guidelines - http://cio.osu.edu/policies/ 

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Convenience - study and attend class around your schedule
  • Review portions of lectures more than once - if you want
  • No cost or time spent commuting to campus or on parking
  • Easy access to faculty via email, discussion boards, or video conferencing
  • Network with classmates from around the globe