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Maintenance Management Skills

Maintenance Management Skills

Next Course Offering Date:

April 13-15, 2021 - Online



Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors teaches supervisors how to lead a world-class maintenance department using planning and scheduling best practices to drive work execution, and motivational and time-management techniques to improve maintenance worker productivity. The result is improved staff motivation, lower employee turnover, increased output and reduced waste of resources. 

In this three-day program, participants will build an action plan for managing their human capital while developing an effective program for managing assets. Supervisors will learn how to leverage their personal supervisory style, apply time management techniques, run effective meetings and improve maintenance delivery. Explore how to make the transition from a technician to a supervisor and investigate common supervisory staffing issues like supervising friends, orienting new employees and delegating responsibility when necessary.

The course uses case studies, group discussion, reflection activities and exercises to help you apply what you learn to your work situation.

In This Training, Learn How To

  1. List the roles, goals and motivation of a Maintenance Supervisor
  2. Describe maintenance management critical success factors:
    a) Using planning and scheduling to drive work execution
    b) Techniques to improve worker productivity
    c) Managing meetings effectively
  3. Practice techniques to effectively manage people:
    a) Methods to handle problems with employees, vendors, coworkers
    b) Decision making
    c) Smart delegation
    d) Supervisory staffing issues: orientation, discipline, supervising friends, and substance abuse issues
  4. Build a management skills action plan:
    a) Assess your supervisory style to identify strengths and areas for development
    b) Apply time management techniques
    c) List ways to control reactions and make good decisions in times of stress
    d) Outline ways to make the change from technician to supervisor
  5. Outline an effective program to manage your assets
    a) Best practices for applying preventive maintenance, predictive and condition-based technologies
    b) Guidelines for assessing your existing PM system and making improvements

Who Should Attend Training

This course is designed for maintenance managers and supervisors. Ideal candidates either supervise maintenance workers or manage maintenance through supervisors. This course is also recommended for people looking to improve their skills, or those being considered for advancement. Supervision from other related areas such as Operations, Warehouse and Housekeeping are also invited.

All students completing the class will receive a certificate of completion including the awarding CEU credits.