Course Sequence

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Students may enroll Autumn, Spring, or Summer semester taking courses as either full or part-time status. Students proceed through the program taking most courses in a pre-assigned sequence and can complete the program in 16-36 months, or longer if desired as long as they graduate within four years.

Generally, students who take 1-2 courses per semester and graduate in about 2-3 years. If something occurs in your life and you need to take a semester off - that's okay too! You choose your pace to completion as long as you do so in four years.


Would you like to see a sample Study Plan?

Individualized course sequences or study plans are made for each MEM student.

Are you interested in seeing options for yourself right now?

Please email us at and we'll be glad to design a sequence of courses for you based upon your term of enrollment. 

Convenience & Flexibility


We understand you have a busy life!

That is why the MEM degree was designed for convenience and flexibility.