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CPDA Course Bundling

Any of the five CPDA courses can be taken individually for specific interests, or students can pursue a Level 1 or Level 2 certification.

CPDA Course Bundling breakdown

Students working toward their CPDA certification must follow a set course sequence (see below graphic) depending on their desired area of focus. 


How do I receive the bundling discount?

Step #1: Contact your CPDA Program Coordinator

Your CPDA Program Coordinator will help you lay out your CPDA timeline, provide important registration dates and discount codes.

Step #2: Mark your calendar for the Early Bird registration deadline

Students are still required to register for each CPDA individually and will only receive the bundling discounts when they register by the Early Bird deadline AND when they use the provided discount codes. We strongly encourage our students to keep track of their upcoming registration deadlines to ensure they receive incentivized pricing.


What students are saying...

This course is great and I appreciate the amount of work needed to get through each module.  Too many professional certification courses are nothing more than buying a certification.  I’m really having to work hard to dust off the cobwebs, having last taken stats in the early 1980’s!

-Jeffrey Sneddon
Asst. Director Clinical systems, Comprehensive Transplant Center
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center