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Frequently Asked Questions


The answer to this question depends upon what each person is attempting to achieve. This certification program is designed to teach people the fundamentals of data analytics. We've included courses that enable people to acquire the knowledge and skills that support the management and use of big data. Students learn how to ask the right questions, make inferences, apply what they've learned immediately to real-world situations, and publish results. The certification may enable you to obtain a new job working in data analytics, but we recommend that you search the requirements for data scientist positions to learn what qualifications individual employers are seeking. Typically, companies require a degree in data analytics and/or several years of experience working in this field. The Ohio State University offers bachelor's and master's degrees in data analytics for people who may want to pursue this type of education. But this program is a great way for people to gain the fundamental working knowledge of the data analytics pipeline so they can use these skills in their current occupation. What a person can achieve after that with the new skill-set really depends upon many other factors and what type of career change a person may be seeking.