Digital Solutions Gallery - Virtual Keynote

Thornton May

Date: December 2, 2021
Location: Online/Zoom link provided with registration

“The Future Of Technology In 2025”


At the start of the pandemic, enterprises ignited the biggest workforce shift in living memory by sending people home and doubling down on emerging tech solutions to keep them productive. This move has expanded to the point of modern business strategies and technology strategies now becoming inseparable — perhaps even indistinguishable.

Accenture recently reported that 77% of senior executives they surveyed believe the future of industry competition will become a battle between technology architectures. A new era of competition is now clearly dawning, and the technology choices that a company makes could radically alter their resulting value proposition. That raises the question,

“Are your new technology strategies going to be future-resistant,…or future-adaptive?”

That future is close at hand, and you need to be ready, as much is on the line.

This critical discussion should not be missed. Please join us in our ninth 2021 session within this noted series, where in our virtual format you will hear first-hand lessons-learned from top-tier leaders who have been successful in these same revolutionary and disruptive journeys.

The “Digital Solutions Gallery™” series is a nationally acclaimed ongoing forum where senior leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share their experiences and insights, as well as collectively and collaboratively attack common issues. Throughout 2021, this series will be conducting a ten-session series of informative programs on the theme of “Gateway To 2025”, wherein participants will gain a better appreciation

There is no cost to invited senior leaders.  Sponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers.

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