Digital Solutions Gallery

Thornton May

Date: July 21, 2022
Location: Virtual

“From IT Leadership To Business Leadership”


Within this expanding digital world, technology becomes a central part of any business.  This presents an opportunity for IT leaders to not only contribute more to the business mission itself, but also potentially evolve into other expanded roles within the organization.

While such leaps obviously require more than just technical skillsets, there actually are many points of commonality between the CIO and CEO roles.  There are significant differences as well.  Those differences between the CIO and CEO roles often boil down to bigger stakes and the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes with them.  While that evolution is an honor, it can also come at a cost if you are not prepared.  The consequences of those “big decisions” that have ultimately now become your responsibility can weigh heavy.

How can IT leaders close that gap to become real candidates in future business leadership considerations?  Are you there yet?  If not, what do you need to yet do to actually be there?

The widely acclaimed “Digital Solutions Gallery” series is an ongoing nationally acclaimed forum where senior IT leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share their experiences and insights, as well as collectively and collaboratively attack common issues.  Uniquely organized around “peer learning”, this provocative program has received high praise among participating CIOs and other senior executives in the technology and/or operations leadership community.  

There is no cost to invited senior leaders.  Sponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers. 

Attendee information will be shared with fellow attendees and sponsors. Please contact the program if you do not wish to have your information shared at:  For additional information, please review our web privacy statement. 

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