Digital Solutions Gallery

Digital Solutions Gallery


“From IT Leadership To Business Leadership”


Please join us in this sixth session of our 2022 series. In this session you will hear first-hand lessons-learned from top-tier leaders who have been successful in addressing these very same challenges during these times of both revolutionary change and performance pressures.

The “Digital Solutions Gallery™” series is a nationally acclaimed ongoing forum where senior leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share their experiences and insights, as well as collectively and collaboratively attack common issues.  Throughout 2022, this series will be conducting a ten-session series of informative programs on the theme of Developing Our Potential For 2025, wherein participants will gain a better appreciation of not only what is coming, but also a better appreciation of just how its associated value might be captured.

There is no cost to invited senior leaders.  Sponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers. 

About the Digital Solutions Gallery

This nationally recognized program, intended for primary executives and senior leaders in the technology and operations communities, is unmatched. Uniquely organized around peer learning, the audience and content are both carefully "curated" to ensure a unique, content-rich, and thought-provoking exchange that is well-respected in the senior leader community.

Co-founded by the internationally acclaimed IT futurist, Thornton May, the Digital Solutions Gallery is a unique invitation-only program open to practicing Digital executives and other senior leaders responsible for delivering value-centric Digital-enabled results to their corporations in this fast-paced world of ongoing economic, social and technological change. 

Regularly joining Thornton in leading all our program sessions will be our ongoing series co-producers, Bruce Barnes and Dave Cherry.

Technology product/service providers to this intended executive audience are also welcome to actively participate and share their thought leadership through committed program sponsorships.

Attendee information will be shared with fellow attendees and sponsors. Please contact the program if you do not wish to have your information shared at:  For additional information, please review our web privacy statement


July 21, 2022 - Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote Session

August 11, 2022Digital Breakfast Gallery In-Person Keynote Session

September 15, 2022Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote Session

October 13, 2022Digital Breakfast Gallery In-Person Keynote Session

December 8, 2022Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote Session


For questions regarding the Digital Solutions Gallery, or for companies that serve the intended IT audience who also wish to learn from this innovative series or program sponsorship opportunities, please contact:  

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