On The Scope – A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy


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Component #1: May 1-3, 2023
Component #2 (choose one) : May 4-5, 2023 or May 8-9, 2023 


Course Description

On The Scope – A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy is a training program covering the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) operation. The program is provided by The Ohio State University Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), a unique facility containing more than $40 million in electron microscopes, expert technical staff, and a state-of-the-art digital theater. The program consists of two components:

  1. Component #1: A series of lectures/demonstration sessions delivered 100% live, online or in-person over three days.
  2. Component #2: A two day, “hands-on” training workshop on the electron microscopes. These training events are delivered in a safe, socially distant manner to small groups. The workshops are delivered in person using the established educational facilities and equipment at CEMAS.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the operating principles and applications of SEMs.
  2. Perform a variety of common SEM imaging and analysis tasks.
  3. Improve the quality of their own SEM data collection and analysis.
  4. Participants who complete the program also receive a certificate of completion from CEMAS and the College of Engineering. 

Program Dates


Component #1 (online or in-person):  May 1-3, 2023

Component #2 (in-person): Participants choose one of two dates to attend. 

  • Option 1: May 4-5, 2023
  • Option 2: May 8-9, 2023

Note: A minimum of four people are required to operate each two-day workshop with a maximum of twelve. All efforts will be made to accommodate preferences.

Program Component Details

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Component #1: 
A series of lectures/demonstration sessions delivered 100% online or in-person over three days. CEMAS will enhance the lectures with live demonstrations on the microscopes to illustrate each topic. Along with a recommended foundation of topics, a selection of elective lectures will be offered (listed below).

Component #2: 
A two day “hands-on” training workshop on the electron microscopes. The workshops are delivered in person using the established educational facilities and equipment at CEMAS. Along with a recommended foundation of topics, a selection of elective labs will be offered (listed below).

Program Learning Objectives

After completing both the lecture and laboratory components, participants will be able to:


The workshop has open admission. While prior hands-on experience with SEMs and/or current employment in the field of SEM characterization will be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. Experience with laboratory instrumentation such as spectrometers, vacuum systems or other imaging tools will be beneficial.

Health and Safety Protocols

All participants will be required to abide by the university's safe and healthy protocols. Contact the program administration for more information or if you have questions. 

Cancellations and Refunds

A full refund minus a $75 administrative fee will be made if cancellation is received three weeks prior to the start of the course - no refunds within three weeks of the course start date. 

About the Center for Electron Microscopy Analysis

CEMAS is the preeminent materials characterization hub for business and academia. There are over 300 active users and $130 million dollars used for research per year. For more about CEMAS, click here. 

There's no better place on planet Earth to do microscopy than right here at CEMAS".
Don Kania, Former CEO of FEI Company


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Registration ends on April 21, 2023.

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$3,750 per person. 


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$3,250 per person if registered & paid by April 10, 2023. 


David McComb

David McComb, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), an Ohio Research Scholar and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. David is an expert in the development and application of electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) as a sub-nanometer scale probe for chemistry, structure, and bonding. He has developed and implemented approaches to studying inorganic, organic, and molecular systems using electron microscopy techniques.

Tyler Grassman

Tyler Grassman, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Materials Science & Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. Tyler is an expert in semiconductor epitaxy, defect engineering, and device development, as well as structural and optoelectronic characterization. His group has pioneered and refined the use of various advanced SEM and TEM-based microscopy and spectroscopy methods for quantitative and correlative analysis of defects in a range of semiconductor systems.


Daniel Veghte, PhD, is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS). In his role, he manages the scanning electron microscopes and works closely with users to characterize a broad range of materials. During his career, he has enjoyed pushing the limits of electron microscopy with an emphasis on performing in-situ experiments.


Elvin Beach headshot

Elvin Beach has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, a M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University.  Dr. Beach has worked extensively in applied failure analysis while working at The Dow Chemical Company, Battelle Memorial Institute, and Worthington Industries.  Dr. Beach has extensive experience in metallographic sample preparation, optical microscopy, and electron microscopy techniques.  Dr. Beach currently teaches undergraduate characterization lab courses, materials processing, and materials testing laboratories along with fracture, fatigue and failure analysis.  Dr. Beach is the editor in chief of the Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention and an associate editor for Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis.


John Sosa is the CEO and Co-Founder of MIPAR Software. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University, while focussing on 2D and 3D microstructural characterization of titanium alloys.


Matt Nowell headshot

Matt Nowell is the EBSD Product Manager at EDAX and has a passion for EBSD and microstructural characterization.  Matt joined TexSEM Labs (TSL) upon graduation from the University of Utah in 1995 with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering.  At TSL, he was part of the team that pioneered the development and commercialization of EBSD and OIM.  After EDAX acquired TSL in 1999, he joined the applications group to help continue to develop EBSD as a technique, and integrate structural information with chemical information collected using EDS. Within EDAX, Matt has been involved in a number of roles, including product management, business development, customer and technical support, engineering, and applications support and development. Matt has published over 70 papers in a variety of application areas.  He greatly enjoys the opportunity to interact with scientists, engineers, and microscopists to help expand the role that EBSD plays in materials characterization.

John Yorston headshot

John Yorston has been doing scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis (SEM-EDX) for almost thirty years, both in industry and in support of instrument sales and applications support. John is a veteran of countless SEM demonstrations and has conducted over 100 industrial new user short courses in SEM and microanalysis. John holds a BS in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has a background in Czockralski crystal growth of oxide and fluoride laser electro-optics and in ultra-high-pressure industrial diamond synthesis. John Yorston (Aka Fox Delta) is an accomplished and avid soaring pilot, and an active member of Aero Club Albatross based at Blairstown Airport, in New Jersey. 


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