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Applied Aerodynamics

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Applied Aerodynamics
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Course Description  

Applied Aerodynamic is one of four non-credit courses in the Certification in Applied Aeronautics and Design (CAAD) program. This course can be taken individually, or as one of the four courses required to receive the CAAD certification.

Applied Aerodynamics covers advanced elements of aerodynamics across the entire Mach number range including using fundamental aerodynamic analysis tools and understanding best practices in wind tunnel testing.

The Applied Aerodynamics course is offered each autumn semester.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Develop fundamental knowledge of aerodynamics across the entire Mach number range
  • Understand and use fundamental tools for the analysis and design involved in aerodynamics across the entire Mach number range
  • Understand best practices in wind tunnel testing and analysis involved in aerodynamics


What Students Can Expect

The online delivery of each course is comprised of: 

  • All course lectures are recorded and available to you 24/7 through the university's Learning Management System CarmenCanvas
  • Course duration is approximately 14 weeks. 
  • A certificate of completion is provided after a student completes each individual course and after successfully completing all four courses, they receive the complete Certification in Applied Aeronautics and Design from the College of Engineering.



A bachelor's degree in aerospace or mechanical engineering or a related field is required.

Course Sequence

The courses can be taken individually for specific interests or students can pursue the full certification. If pursuing the certification in one-year, it is recommended to take (1) Aircraft Performance and Flight Test Engineering with (2) Applied Aerodynamics in autumn semester, followed by (3) Applied Flight vehicle Design with (4) Applied Flight Mechanics in spring semester. If additional time is permitted or preferred, then a recommended sequence would be(1) and (3) during year one, followed by (2) and (4) in year two.


Course registration will open soon. Please contact the program administration for additional information.

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Online Delivery 

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