Machine Learning & AI MicroBootCamp

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AI and Machine Learning MicroBootcamp

The Machine Learning and AI MicroBootCamp™ is a practical, hands-on learning experience for building foundational technical skills for machine learning and AI, including unsupervised and supervised learning, ML optimization, neural networks, natural language processing, and emerging AI topics. Designed and taught by industry experts, this project-based course contains text, graphics, and videos paired with live instructor support, expert grading feedback, and real time tutoring support. Learners will build and develop new skills while building a portfolio of example work. Additionally, learners will practice hands-on machine learning and AI activities and learn about emerging technologies in the AI space.


Why Take A MicroBootcamp?

Unlike a traditional full-length boot camp, which can often run 18 to 24 weeks, MicroBootCamps™ are topic-specific, 8–10-week intensives designed for professionals in adjacent fields to enhance their skill sets in less time, on their own schedules, at a disruptive price.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize what AI is and the ways it is impacting our lives.
  • Apply machine learning techniques to gain knowledge and solve problems.
  • Use unsupervised machine learning models to categorize unlabeled data.
  • Use supervised machine learning models trained on labeled data to make predictions about data.
  • Evaluate machine learning models by using test data and metrics.
  • Improve the performance of machine learning models by using optimization techniques.
  • Explain what neural networks and deep learning models are.
  • Use neural networks and deep learning models to make predictions about data.
  • Determine the sentiment of vector-encoded text using NLP and transformers.
  • Describe recent innovations in AI and their impact on the field of AI.
  • Hypothesize how AI could be applied in the future.

Part-Time Beginning February 27, 2024

Is This Program Right For You?


This MicroBootCamp™ is not designed for beginners.

Interested learners should have a proven proficiency in Python and mathematics, including linear algebra, statistics, and multivariable calculus. Work experience in programming is recommended, but not required. To benefit from this program, you should be able to:

  • Code in Python.
  • Read and write files in Python.
  • Create software scripts in Python using programming fundamentals such as variables, lists, conditionals, loops, and functions. 
  • Install, import, and use external libraries in Python.

This non-credit program is offered through a partnership with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University and edX.