Cybersecurity Boot Camp

Cybersecurity Boot Camp  - 100% Online 

The frequency of data and security breaches in the news grows almost daily, and as a result, there is tremendous job demand for cybersecurity professionals. It’s important now, more than ever, to have trained, skilled professionals securing our data and personal information. The 24-week Ohio State University Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that takes a multidisciplinary approach to attain proficiency in IT, networking, and modern information security.

Throughout the course, you will gain experience with a host of popular tools such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nessus, and more. In addition, students will learn skills applicable to certifications such as the CompTIA Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which can greatly enhance desirability and employability in today’s job market. You will also learn methods, techniques, and best practices for convincingly conveying the severity of the risks facing an organization’s security posture.


Get hands-on training in networking, systems, web technologies, databases, and defensive and offensive cybersecurity. Maintain your work or college schedule by studying part-time, only three days a week, with convenient evening and weekend hours. Through virtual classes and a dynamic curriculum, you’ll develop the fundamental skills to graduate from the program ready to use your knowledge in the workforce. Benefit from a wide range of career services to help equip you for success as you work to change career paths or advance in your current position.

A $500 discount is available for Ohio State alumni who enroll. This non-credit program is offered through a partnership with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University and Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

Skills You Will Gain


  • Packet Analysis
  • Wireshank


  • Secure Network Design& Architecture
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Identity and Access Mgmt
  • Cloud Security


  • Windows & Linux Administration Techniques
  • Windows & Linux Hardening

Ethical Hacking & Penetration

  • Kali Linux
  • Mtasploit
  • Hashcat
  • Burp Suite
  • Web Vulnerabilities & Security

Programming & Scripting

  • Bash Scripting
  • PowerShell Scripting





First Class Begins
March 9, 2021

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Ohio's TechCred Program gives businesses the chance to upskill employees. Businesses who submit applications (for approved programs) are reimbursed up to $2000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete technology-focused credentials. Check with your employer to learn if they're willing to assist you with enrolling in the TechCred program and receiving funding to pay for the Cybersecurity boot camp.