Radar Systems 

The Radar Systems track is made up of four courses for a total of 12 credit hours.    

ECE 5010: Wireless Propagation and Remote Sensing (3 cr hrs)

Practical methods for predicting tropospheric, ground wave, and ionospheric propagation, including refraction, reflection, and extinction effects. Study of remote sensing systems and their applications. 

ECE 5011: Antennas (3 cr hrs)

Electromagnetic radiation; fundamental antenna parameters; dipole, loops, patches, broadband and other antennas; array theory; ground plane effects; horn and reflector antennas; pattern synthesis; antenna measurements.

ECE 5013: An Introduction to Radar Systems (3 cr hrs)

Introduces the fundamentals of radar such as the main concepts and techniques used in modern radar systems. The class is a survey course exposing students to a wide range of radar applications and design issues. 

ECE 5206: Medical Imaging and Processing (3 cr hrs)

Introduction to medical imaging techniques (CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound), including data collection, image reconstruction, physics of tissue interactions, and digital processing of medical images. 

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