MGEL Integrative Capstone Project

The Integrative Project is a requirement of the Master Global Engineering Leadership (MGEL) program. The purpose of the project is to provide an experience for students to combine the technical skills and professional skills that they learned in the program in one culminating integrative project. At the same time the project enables students to demonstrate reflection, critical thinking, effective professional communication, and mastery of the principles and knowledge learned from the core and technical track courses.

The Integrative Project may be design-based, an investigation, or an analysis. Students make their selection using program guidelines along with the approval of an Engineering faculty member who is from their technical track and serves as their advisor. 

The topic or composition of a student’s MGEL Integrative Project can be focused on a real-world engineering issue or problem that the student has identified at their place of employment. In this preferred situation, the project is proposed and developed in cooperation with the student’s employer and includes elements of both the newly acquired technical and professional skills. However, for some students, it may not be possible to include employer participation. In this case, a topic can be developed by the student and their faculty advisor. 

The integrative project is five credit hours. Depending upon the pace a student elects to proceed through the program determines when they begin work on their project, but it normally occurs during the last semester of enrollment.

Applied Learning

Integrative Project


The MGEL utilizes applied learning through an integrative project that brings together the technology and professional skills in a real-world situation.