Additive Manufacturing 

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) track consists of five courses, students may choose four.

WELDENG 7027 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3 cr hrs)

This courses covers unique modern additive manufacturing processes and addresses polymers, ceramics, metals, and hybrid materials. Applications and limitations of additive manufacturing are also discussed.

MATSCEN 5655 Additive Manufacturing for Bio-Medical Devices (3 cr hrs)

Survey of Additive Manufacturing (AM) patient data acquisition and medical device Computer Aided Design (CAD), medical research and clinical grade AM materials and AM fabrication methods, quality assurance/management systems and regulatory (FDA) approval process.

ME 6194 Design for Additive Manufacturing (3 cr hrs)

This course is currently in development. A description will be available soon.

WELDENG 7115 Computational Modeling of Additive Manufacturing (3 cr hrs)

Topics include theory of temperature, stress, deformation, phase transformation during additive manufacturing and welding, as well as application of industry-standard simulation codes.

ME 6194 Science and Engineering Foundations of Additive Manufacturing (3 cr hrs)

Topics include heat transfer in additive manufacturing (AM), engineering mechanics and materials, systems integration and control in AM, and experimental design.

Mechanical Engineering Research

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering provides a course for the additive manufacturing track. Learn more about the deparment and its current research topics here.

Materials Science Research

The additive manufacturing track is offered in part by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Click here to learn more about the research being done by the department.

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