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Maintenance & Reliability Certification Programs

Maintenance & Reliability Certification Programs


The College of Engineering partners with Life Cycle Institute to provide two certification programs for maintenance managers and professionals responsible for building and sustaining a world-class maintenace program. And for those who are responsible for improving asset and capacity reliability and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

These two programs are: Maintenance Management Certification and Reliability Engineering Certification. Both of these programs are taught in-person and held on-campus at The Ohio State University.  


Maintenance Management Certification

This certification program will enable you to:

  1. Build and sustain a maintenance program
  2. Establish appropriate maintenance KPIs and visual management dashboard
  3. Select the optimum equipment maintenance strategy
  4. Implement work management strategies that improve asset availability and utilization
  5. Increase maintenance personnel productivity
  6. Build a problem-solving culture
  7. Manage an effective maintenance budget

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Reliability Engineering Certification

This program equips participants to:

  1. Build and sustain a strategic reliability engineering program
  2. Prepare control strategies that reduce risk and improve asset utilization
  3. Determine predictive strategies and build an effective predictive maintenance program
  4. Establish a root cause analysis program that will lead to reduced downtime, increased production and a culture of continuous improvement
  5. Demonstrate practical learning application
  6. Use the REC title designation after your name

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See the Maintenance & Reliability Courses webpage for course descriptions and offering dates.