Global Engineering Leadership Certificate

Global Engineering Leadership Certificate

                               100% Online Certificate


Do you want to learn more about engineering management without pursuing an entire degree? Now you can with the Global Engineering Leadership (GEL) certificate  program at the Ohio State University College of Engineering. Strengthen your leadership and management skills to lead organizations and projects effectively with this certificate program that is offered 100% online. 

The GEL certificate courses are designed specifically for working engineers to help them learn real-world management skills, how to apply them in their industry, and to grow as a leader within their organization. Courses are taught by faculty experts from the College of Engineering, John Glenn College of Public Affairs, and The Fisher College of Business.

Students earn the certificate by completing at least five of the core courses from the Master Global Engineering Leadership degree. Students must earn a C or higher in all courses counted toward the GEL certificate.



  1. Financial and Managerial Accounting for Engineers
  2. Technology Strategy and Innovation Management 
  3. Project Management for Engineers
  4. Leadership and Team Effectiveness
  5. Management in Public Agencies
  6. The Business-Government Relationship 
  7. Engineering Ethics and Professionalism 

For course descriptions, see Core Leadership Courses
or Click Here to download a pdf of the courses. 


Students of the certificate program are admitted to the university by means of the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) program. GEL students use the GND status because they will not be pursuing a professional master's degree. 

If a student wishes to continue and pursue the MGEL degree, they must re-apply to the MGEL program for admission. And according to the Ohio State Graduate School rules, only seven graduate semester credits earned in GND status will be permitted to carry over into the MGEL program, if admitted. 

To qualify, students must have previously earned a baccalaureate degree and meet the admission's requirements set by the Graduate Non-Degree Program at Ohio State. 


$770 per credit hour for distance education, Grad non-degree students
(non-ohio resident fee is $5.00 per semester)


NOTE: Please contact the program coordinator before applying as a Graduate Non-Degree student for the Certificate.


*Subject to change


Please contact:


Emery Dravec
MGEL Program Coordinator