Introductory Statistics for Data Analytics Course Begins

All dates for this event occur in the past.

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Introductory Statistics for Data Analytics is one of six non-credit courses in the Certification in Practice of Data Analytics (CPDA) program. This course can be taken individually or as one of four courses required to receive the CPDA certificate of completion. If you pursue the entire certification, this course must be taken first in the sequence.

Students will learn to: 

  1. Describe data graphically and numerically using statistical software.
  2. Understand basic concepts of probability and random variables.
  3. Appreciate how data can be used to infer features of probability distributions.
  4. Test for consistency of data with particular values of parameters.
  5. Estimate parameter values and quantify uncertainty in the estimate.
  6. Interpret linear association and can conduct simple linear regression data analysis.