The Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote - October 2021

United States

“The Future Of Business And The Global Enterprise”


While the pandemic world of 2020 delivered one low after another, 2021 has begun to seem like an antidote. New measures to suppress the virus, combined with strong economic stimulus allowing businesses to remain stable, have helped maintain consumer confidence and opened the door to new investments and continuing rapid innovation.  All good…right?

However, these past 20 months have also upset long-standing norms about how companies should operate and how people should live. We saw fragile supply chains, untrustworthy information and radically new customer needs (and expectations) emerge. Returning to previous models is no longer a viable option. 

Responsive companies have learned that leaders do not wait for the “new normal,” they build it themselves. It is not about just “fixing the business”, but instead about upending convention and creating a new vision for the future…as that future unfolds.

How are you preparing for the future of business, to be conducted within an always online, always connected, technologically supercharged world, where traditional boundaries, borders and limitations are all dissolving?  

This critical discussion should not be missed. Please join us in our ninth 2021 session within this noted series, where in our virtual format you will hear first-hand lessons-learned from top-tier leaders who have been successful in these same revolutionary and disruptive journeys.