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CIO Showcase 2017


September 5-6, 2017

The Ohio State University
The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center


 Eventbrite - CIO Solutions Gallery Practicum Dinner


“Effective Anticipation; The Key To The Possibilities Of ‘Next’”

As senior leaders our focus changes as we move further out on the value delivery continuum.   So do the skillsets and priorities we need at each point along the way.

Within the near-term era of “Now” (the next 18 months or so), our responses to looming tactical pressures are often best described as reactions.  Further out on that same continuum (the 48 months and beyond range of “Later”), our focus shifts to preparation for the future.  Here, our responses are shaped much more by the quality and effectiveness of our imagination.  

Yet, the real key to success lies in the crucial middle ground of “Next”.  It is here, bridging that gap between tactical immediacies and longer range strategic visions, where our momentum will either be sustained or lost.  It is here our successes will be linked to the quality of our anticipation in both seeing around not-too-distant corners, and then turning our insights into preparation and readiness.  It is here where we must effectively (as Wayne Gretsky once described it) “skate to where the puck is going to be” if our momentum is to be sustained.

So where do you stand in the quality of your anticipation?  Are you investing in the future, or are you spending more time managing in the present?  Are you a cultural diplomat focused on upcoming preparation and readiness, or are you still embroiled in near-term conversations about costs and “turf”? 

In this annual showcase session the program will more closely examine how our possibilities for the future depend upon our level of anticipation in preparing for it. 

The “CIO Solutions Gallery” series is an ongoing nationally acclaimed forum where senior IT leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share their experiences and insights, as well as collectively and collaboratively attack common issues.  Uniquely organized around “peer learning”, this provocative program has received high praise among participating CIOs and other senior executives in the technology and/or operations leadership community.   It helps to build an improved and creative personal network of peers and executives devoted to sharing best practices, renewing their skills on an ongoing basis, and raising the level of technical “literacy” and effectiveness within their organizations.   

There is no cost to invited senior leaders.  Sponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers. 


“Opening Keynote Dinner; A Transformational Approach”


September 5, 2017

With digitization lowering traditional barriers to entry, the changing industry landscape is giving life to new sets of competitors.  These forces bring immediate challenges, opportunities—or both—to all digitally connected businesses.  On-their-game organizations realize that their responding levels of anticipation and preparation will require more concerted and closely coordinated efforts across the entire enterprise.  

Effective anticipation needs to be a culture-driven team sport.  It requires an agreement that the viewpoints expressed in our plans and architectures must extend beyond particular sets of concerns, and that they must also include viewpoints that characterize our evolutionary needs going forward.  Only then will we be in better positions to apply economic reasoning in responding to future events, making the best possible decisions, and more effectively communicating with business stakeholders about our respective futures.

In this opening event of our annual showcase a one widely acclaimed leader will share how she has done just that, and then we will in turn actively explore how each of us compares to that example.



5pm                Registration and Welcoming Reception


6:10pm           Welcoming Remarks

Speaker:         Mr. Bob Mick        

                        Director; Professional Programs

                        The Ohio State University College of Engineering


6:15pm           Opening Remarks and Context Setting

Speaker:         Mr. Thornton A. May         

                        Internationally Known IT Futurist

                        Host For The Session


6:30pm           Evening Keynote Address 

                       "Seeing Beyond The Moment”


Speaker:         Ms. Cheryl Smith         

                        Principal; Smith and Associates

                        Former CIO at Numerous Global Organizations


7:15pm            Working Dinner

Each table of participants will discuss an assigned issue emanating from the keynote discussion, then deriving a consensus of next steps that the table feels are appropriate, which will then be shared with the room.   


8:30pm             Report Backs/Adjourn


“Effective Anticipation; The Key To The Possibilities Of ‘Next’”

September 6, 2017


As today’s digital business opportunities continue to shape business models of the future, the ability to anticipate in providing for innovative solutions is no longer optional.  Anticipation can many forms, including the creation of new roles and responsibilities, organizational and process changes, and new governance approaches.  

While a single formula for successful business solutions may not exist, enabling an overall culture of innovation is an imperative for all organizations.  Simply stated, digital transformation requires anticipation, entrepreneurial processes, and effective IT leaders who have an open mind for the beauty of new ideas that may run counter to the current way of doing business.

In today’s session we will explore numerous examples where such a transformation is playing out.


7:00am             Breakfast Available   

8:00am             Welcome and Initial Remarks   

Speaker:           Mr. Bob Mick

                          Director; Professional Programs

                          The Ohio State University College of Engineering

8:10am            Opening Address  

“Revolution Is Everywhere We Look”

 IT is all about revolution. The military historian, Martin van Creveld, once said, “Ours is an age in which revolutions have been made easy, cheap, and plentiful”.  It may seem somewhat paradoxical, but moving forward, organizations need to add revolutionary thinking and revolutionary behavior to standard operating procedure.  In the future, to be sustainably successful, IT executives will have to become revolutionaries — at least part of the time.


Speaker:          Mr. Thornton A. May         

                        Internationally Known IT Futurist

                        Host For The Session


9:00am            Morning Keynote

"Accelerating The Anticipation Process"

The explosion of digital technologies is yielding a similar explosion in new value possibilities, which can sometimes be missed these possibilities are still being assessed through a traditional lens.  On-their-game organizations are coming up with new ways to anticipate these opportunities, explore their potential, pilot their impact, and ultimately speed the winners through to adoption.  This can be a huge cultural adjustment, but for some it is clearly paying off.  Learn how one such enterprise is doing exactly that.


Speakers:        Mr. Brent Stutz                          

                        SVP; Commercial Technologies & CTO

                        Cardinal Health


10:00am           Break


"Building A Culture Of Anticipating Cyber Risk"

Our rapidly changing digital world includes rapidly changing digital threats.  An effective response to those threats is way bigger than just tools.  It includes having a culture that values “a proficiency in advancing our proficiencies”.  That means anticipating and mitigating cyber-related risks that can compromise legal and fiduciary responsibilities, as well as your ultimate reputation.  One team or one function simply cannot do this alone.  It takes a collective culture of responsibility working together.


Speaker:          Mr. Dan Lohrmann           

                        Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer

                        Security Mentor, Inc.

                        Former CISO; State of Michigan



"Anticipating A Move To Effective Digital Marketing"

Today’s business environment of constant innovation emphasizes social selling, digitally enabled partners and collaborative account-based marketing (ABM).  Yet most ABM programs still sadly target customers we hope might be interested in our current portfolio, thus investing in tactics instead of insight.  In today’s world customer centricity begins with an anticipatory deep dive into individual customers’ business issues and then working with them to design new solutions and long-term shared success.


Speaker:           Ms. Vanessa DiMauro


                          Leader Networks


11:45am           Lunch Break

1:00pm             Afternoon Keynotes

"Anticipating Talent and Your Environment"

 As company delivery demands increase, so do the requirements for successfully securing, managing and applying talent.  We all know that acquiring the right people and skillsets is one of the most important ingredients for success in any industry.  Yet, those vital skillsets are changing, as are organizational functions.  More traditional building blocks now require added skills in innovation, agility, change and vendor management, and marketing your value…all at an ever increasing scale.  How is one enterprise living on the evolutionary forefront accomplishing this?


Speaker:           Mr. Alan Gilbert           

                          SVP; Talent     




“A Start-Up Culture In A Large Scale Enterprise?”

What’s the single key advantage that start-ups consistently hold over big businesses?  One which allows them to move faster, and change course quicker than large corporations?  It is a nimbleness that comes from a culture where people at all levels are empowered to explore, experiment and continuously transform into something else.  Is it possible for large companies to overcome the ruts of existing processes, resistance to change and rigid decision-making hierarchies to get there as well?  If so, how?


Speaker:           Mr. Thomas Martin                          

                         VP Emeritus; Applications Transformation 

                         GE Digital


2:45pm             Break


"Anticipating, or Even Demanding, A New Provider Role"

For many years we have looked at our technologies as synonyms for our envisioned future goals.  For example, “We are going to be a .NET shop”.  But to that we might want to reflect on “Why?” or to what desired end.  With today’s technology capabilities, platforms and potentials often expanding much faster than our traditional mindsets allow us to adapt, maybe it is time for our providers of those technologies evolve into a  newer world role,…becoming more of a mentor or guiding visionary, and less of a purveyor of “stuff”.


Speaker:            Mr. Mike Guggemos


                          Insight Enterprises


3:45pm             Summary Session and Wrap-Up


Speaker:            Mr. Thornton A. May

                          Internationally Known IT Futurist 

                          Host for the Session


4:00pm             Adjourn