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This nationally recognized program, intended for primary executives and senior leaders in the technology and operations communities, is unmatched. Uniquely organized around peer learning, the audience and content are both carefully "curated" to ensure a unique, content-rich, and thought-provoking exchange that is well-respected in the senior leader community.

Co-founded by Bruce Barnes and the internationally acclaimed IT futurist, Thornton May, the CIO Solutions Gallery is an invitation-only program open to practicing IT executives and other senior leaders responsible for delivering value-centric IT results to their corporations in this fast-paced world of ongoing economic, social and technological change.  Technology product/service providers to this intended community are also welcome to actively participate through committed program sponsorships.


2019 Program Theme: The IT Revolution: Overturning the Norms

Our still relatively young IT industry has become obsessed with both transformation and disruption.  These two terms are little more than new labels for a centuries-old phenomenon that normal humans refer to as a “revolution”.  This connection cannot be ignored.  As widely acclaimed IT futurist, Thornton May, says, “IT is all about revolution.  In the future, to be sustainably successful, IT executives will have to become revolutionaries — at least part of the time.”

Revolutions are struggles between the future and the past.  In their day French revolutionaries beheaded as many people as possible, including colleagues not deemed sufficiently “revolutionary”.  While our IT revolution is not that extreme, it will still polarize us into winners and losers. 

The pressure is on for executives who believe that change-driven “revolution” is our ongoing new norm, which then underscores that revolutions themselves are no longer revolutionary.  However, with so many IT “revolutions” grabbing for headlines and our cognitive bandwidth, any pre-emptive preparation on our part can be a very tall order.

All revolutions require education.  Fortunately, scholars have studied revolutions for centuries.  Much knowledge has been accumulated by people who have lived in revolutionary times, as well as by those who are still living in them today.  Many lessons learned can be very helpful for today’s modern IT executives as they learn to cope with this new pattern.

Throughout 2019, the “CIO Solutions Gallery™” will be conducting a series of vital and informative programs on the theme of “The IT Revolution; Overturning The Norms”, wherein participants will gain a better appreciation of not only what is coming, but also a better appreciation of just how its value might be captured. 

Please plan to join us this widely acclaimed unique and distinctive forum where senior IT leaders of all types come together to collectively learn from noted thought leaders, share their related experiences and insights, as well as collaboratively work together to attack common issues within this crucial agenda.


2019 Dates


March 28, 2019
CIO Breakfast Gallery

May 16, 2019
CIO Breakfast Gallery

July 18, 2019
CIO Practicum Dinner

September 9-10, 2019
CIO Solutions Gallery

December 5, 2019
CIO Breakfast Gallery



The CIO Solutions Gallery events are held at The Blackwell Inn & Conference Center on The Ohio State University campus.

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The Blackwell Hotel


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