2020 Program Theme

The “Digital Solutions Gallery” Series

Today’s senior executives are feeling major pressures linked to a shifting customer landscape as our digital economy is upending every industry.  Customer expectations continue to rise rapidly based on every interaction they have with every provider.

The vast majority of executives now realize that “digital transformation” is not just a “technology thing”.  They know that to survive their companies must now transform themselves more broadly into newer solutions-based digital business models and teams. 

Yet to that end, those same executives still struggle to get the right information in the right context to the right workers, and they also remain woefully behind in their strategies for effectively capturing that “right information” to begin with.  More importantly, many still struggle to identify, define and prioritize the most critical problems that need to be solved.

Adding to the pressure is that executives must now meaningfully innovate at a time when growth is starting to slow.  Over the next five years, it is projected that the U.S. economy will likely grow at an annual pace well below historical averages.  This may tempt those executives to dial back on those longer-term investments needed for success.  Yet, if they pull back too much, their companies may fall further behind when the economy regains momentum.  This is a tough spot to be in, and the choices made can be critical.

So how do you figure out how to strike the right balance between shorter-term priorities and longer-term innovative successes that will sustain you as our digital economy moves along?  How do you decide where those vital longer-term innovation investments need to be made? And how do you bridge the functional divides to collaborate effectively to deliver seamless, meaningful customer experiences?

Throughout 2020, the “Digital Solutions Gallery™” will be conducting a series of vital and informative programs on the theme of “Digital Transformation; The Vital Journey”, wherein participants will gain a better appreciation of not only what is coming, but also a better appreciation of just how its value might be captured. 

Please plan to join us this widely acclaimed unique and distinctive forum where senior leaders of all types come together to collectively learn from noted thought leaders, share their related experiences and insights, as well as collaboratively work together to attack common issues within this crucial agenda.


Upcoming Program Dates

December 5, 2019
CIO Breakfast Gallery

March 26, 2020
Digital Breakfast Gallery

May 14, 2020
Digital Breakfast Gallery

July 16, 2020
Digital Practicum Dinner

September 23 (evening) and 24, 2020
Digital Solutions Gallery

December 3, 2020
Digital Breakfast Gallery 

Event Location

The CIO Solutions Gallery events are held at The Blackwell Inn & Conference Center on The Ohio State University campus.

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Contact Information

For questions regarding the CIO Solutions Gallery, or for companies that serve the intended IT audience who also wish to learn from this innovative series or program sponsorship opportunities, please contact:  

Darla da Cruz
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