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Reliability Engineering Excellence

Reliability Engineering Excellence


Next Course Offering Dates:

October 5-7, 2021 - In-person (Subject to change to online depending on covid-19 status)



Learn how a Reliability Engineer (RE) drives the value assets can deliver by overseeing equipment life cycle performance from concept through disposal. In Reliability Engineering Excellence, REs learn to build a business case for reliability, design reliability into a system or process before it’s built, identify operating risks and solve problems in all areas of asset management. Life Cycle Institute reliability experts facilitate class activities around system reliability modeling, ISO 55000-based assessment questions and how to use leading and lagging indicators to manage a reliability program.
Class participants examine the major components of an asset management plan, justify a capital project and discuss asset data management concerns. By the end of this course you will be equipped to build and sustain a strategic Reliability Engineering program to achieve your organization’s reliability goals. Special emphasis will be placed on designing for reliability, life cycle asset management, life cycle costing, reliability and statistical analysis, measuring reliability program improvements and building organizational support for reliability.


Learn How To

  1. Define how reliability impacts business performance
  2. Describe the reliability engineer role and responsibilities
  3. Define the main components of an asset information system
  4. Use different reliability tools and models to examine reliability
  5. Explain the components of an asset management plan
  6. Describe how sustainability principles can be applied to asset management planning
  7. Assess the efficacy of your organizational support structure for asset management and build a plan to address gaps
  8. Assess internal asset management capabilities and develop a plan to address gaps
  9. Explain how to hold external suppliers accountable for asset management capabilities
  10. Create a business case to support reliability investment options

Who Should Attend

Ideal for those involved in asset reliability, capacity and predictive maintenance programs. Anyone responsible for decreasing repetitive failures and seeking investments to improve plant reliability, including reliability engineers, reliability technicians and reliability personnel.

All students completing the class will receive a certificate of completion including the awarding CEU credits.


Room #245 Bevis Hall, 1080 Carmack Rd, Columbus, OH 43210