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CIO Solutions Gallery Breakfast

CIO Solutions Gallery


Dates: March 28, 2019
Location: Blackwell Hotel and Pfahl Hall


“Revolutionary Leadership That Changes Everything”

The world-famous management expert, Gary Hamel, says there is a huge difference between rule-busting, profit-producing innovation and those more-of-the-same improvement programs simply dressed up in revolutionary rhetoric. 

True revolutionary leadership is all about trying to get different versus simply trying to get better,…trying to break out versus simply trying to catch up.  Revolutionary leaders embrace change as an ongoing mission more than a strategy, for they know once that revolution ends, they will all become conservatives once again. 

True revolutionary leaders fight for a cause more than a paycheck.  Consequently, it is an unending necessity for them to continue to evolve their own management styles to keep pace with revolutionary opportunities.  It is hard work, but the rewards are achievable.

How do you personally stack up against this new leadership mandate?  Please join us in this first quarterly session of 2019, where you will learn lessons from those who have gone before in this revolutionary journey.

The “CIO Solutions Gallery™” series is an ongoing nationally acclaimed forum where senior IT leaders and their business peers come together in a comfortable setting to share their experiences and insights, as well as collectively and collaboratively attack common issues.  Uniquely organized around “peer learning”, this provocative program has received high praise among participating CIOs and other senior executives in the technology and/or operations leadership community.   It helps to build an improved and creative personal network of peers and executives devoted to sharing best practices, renewing their skills on an ongoing basis, and raising the level of technical “literacy” and effectiveness within their organizations.   

  There is no cost to invited senior leadersSponsoring opportunities are available for invited technology product and service providers. 


Showcased Presenters Will Include:


Mr. Paul Gillin

Principal; Paul Gillin Communications

Board Member; Society For New Communications Research


Mr. Vinnie Schoenfelder

Chief Technology Officer

CapTech Ventures, Inc.


Mr. John Osborne

Vice President IoT; LEEDARSON

Chairman Of The Board; International Zigbee Alliance

Former General Manager; R&D and Operations Research

Sunrise R&D Holdings LLC (A Kroger Company)